Our Process

The Conversation

We will start with a conversation. I will listen to you, the student. You can tell me what is working for you, what isn’t. There are no right answers and no preparation. There will never be judgement from me. You can tell me what you ultimately believe you want. If you don’t know at all, I will suggest some assessments. (I am Myers-Briggs & StrengthsFinder certified), which will help give you language around some of your talents and interests. I will ask you to send me information – your grades, test scores, clubs, activities. I want to know where you have succeeded, had challenges. We will create a holistic view of YOU and then our work can begin. I will work with you to find the schools that best fit you (while we hear what your parents are thinking and bring that into the process).

The Four Year Journey

The Inquiry

Freshman Year
  • Initial Discussion
  • Identify General Area of Interest
  • Exploration

Increasing Knowledge

Sophomore Year
  • Begin Self Inquiry
  • Interests & Academics
  • College Selection
  • Tests
  • Application Process
  • Dialogue

Diving In

Junior Year
  • College Selection
  • Test / Essay Prep
  • Timeline Strategy
  • Planning
  • College Visits


Senior Year
  • Timeline & Project Management
  • Select Colleges
  • Application Process
  • Recommendations
  • Test Scores
  • Transcripts
  • Submission & Revisions

Your Guide Throughout The Process

Once we have identified your goals, I will help you to create a targeted list of schools. I will then create a project plan for you. I will be your guide, sending you reminders to keep you on track. You will know when different deadlines are, and we can work to make sure you are ahead of the “game.” Brightstar worksheets will keep you organized and I will follow the calendar closely to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Common App & Supplemental Essays

Colleges (all of them) want to see and hear YOU. Your humor, your failures, your successes. They do not want perfection. They want to know that what you bring to their class will be a diverse, unique voice that will add value. Admissions officers want to know that you have original ideas; perhaps you started a business, came up with an idea that failed but you innovated, are a gourmet mac and cheese chef, know how to garden, run really fast, jump really high, make strangely shaped pancakes, solve problems in a unique way, struggle with math but love biology and know lots about constellations, are the glue that pulls groups together, are an observer analyst. They don’t want to hear “I am a fearless leader and solve problems.” They DO want to hear HOW you solve a problem. What you care about. How your daily activities say something about the way you work, think and face challenges with a creative mind set. How you feel when you fall down and how you pull yourself up again. Why you want to go to their institution. What programs, specifically? Have you reached out to alumni? Have you read about professors? Visited the campus? Why does your brand align with theirs? 

We will then begin the process:

Free 15 min phone consultation
Assessments: Myers Brigg and Strengthsfinder assessments (optional)
Common App outline, draft, revisions, feedback
Supplemental essays
Interview preparation (mock interviews)